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Online Banking Questions and Answers

Easy and convenient online access to your Shell Lake State Bank accounts. First-time users can apply for access and then use our online banking 24/7. Now you can experience technology at its finest with Shell Lake State Bank’s Online Banking.

Online Banking Questions and Answers Now you can experience technology at it’s finest with Shell Lake States Bank’s Online Banking. Check your account balances, view statements, transfer funds between accounts, pay loans, learn if a check has cleared, download statement files to popular financial software such as Microsoft Money, Quicken, or other comparable software, and much more! Now you have total control of your accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  Note: only current and previous statement information is available for exporting.
  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Click on the account you want to export.
  3. Under “Transaction”, click on the “Transactions Menu”.
  4. To export transactions into a personal application, complete the Transaction Search options on the “Transaction Menu” screen, the click the “Export” button to complete the export process, or , click the “Display” button to display a complete list of transactions.
  5. Select the “Export” check box for each item to be exported. If the check box in the title bar is selected, all displayed items are automatically selected for export. If the check box is then deselected, all displayed items will not be exported.
There are four types of transfer formats that can be selected from the drop-down transfer list box. The list below details the format type and its’ associated program.